Amethyst news and updates, along with tips to help when looking for your first teaching job

Amethyst news and updates, along with tips to help when looking for your first teaching job


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Teacher tips to help prepare you for heading back to school in September

Hopefully this Summer you've been able to have a well deserved rest spending quality time with those close to you. With September only a couple of weeks away it's time to prepare f...  more  

School's out for Summer!

School is officially out for Summer and we're wondering who's more excited... the children or teachers?!   more  

Top Tips for ECTs Starting Teaching in September

While you most definitely deserve to relax and enjoy your Summer it is also beneficial to spend some time preparing for September to ensure that you give yourself the best possible...  more  

Help! I can't get an ECT job for September...

Are you panicking that you haven't yet been able to secure an ECT job for September? Do you feel that all of your peers are getting offers from schools but you're not getting any? ...  more  

Dogs in the classroom - what are the benefits of therapy dogs?

Across the country more and more schools are inviting specialist therapy dogs into their classrooms. Studies have shown that there are many benefits for students. In this blog post...  more  

Guest Blog with Teacher Wellbeing Coach Jessica Joan

It goes without saying that teaching is a truly rewarding career, but that doesn't mean that it's a stress-free job. In recent years, especially since the pandemic, we are starting...  more  

Benefits of taking teaching outdoors

Many primary teachers would agree that having the opportunity to take lessons outdoors into nature is extremely beneficial to children. In this blog post we explore just some of th...  more  

5 wellbeing rituals to try this half term

It's the last break before we head into the final term of the school year, which can be one of the toughest for a lot of teachers. Here's some wellbeing rituals to try out this hal...  more  

Struggling to find an ECT job for September? Here's how we can help

You've spent years of putting in the hard work to finally qualify as a new teacher and now securing an ECT role for September is proving trickier than you thought. The first t...  more  

Exam stress: How to help students cope

GCSE and A Level exams have officially begun. This year schools and colleges see the return of the 'normal' exam system since the start of the Pandemic which can feel like an added...  more