Ever feel like it's impossible to keep up with every project that you've got going on? Or maybe you're constantly being asked for updates on a task that hasn't yet been completed? You need Trello!

Trello is our go-to when it comes to keeping on top of progress of tasks for when you have multiple projects on the go at once. Create boards, lists and cards to manage all of your different projects. You can even add other team members to the different cards and move tasks from 'to-do', 'in progress' or 'complete'. Trello is great because you can also add due dates which will send you reminders for when a project is due to be completed. It also means that instead of colleagues asking for progress, all they now need to do is check it on Trello. 

apps for productivity - trello

Google Assistant 

We all get those days where we feel like we have far too many tabs open in our mind. From remembering to send that email to what you need to grab from the supermarket on your way home - sometimes it can all get a bit too much and we end up forgetting absolutely everything.

Say hello to Google Assistant aka a PA in your pocket. Gone are the days of post-it notes all over your desk. With Google Assistant simply tell it whatever it is that you need to be reminded of at a certain time or place and it will automatically alert you. If you simply need to remember a piece of information to have on hand, for example your new car registration, just ask Google Assistant to remember it for you for when you might need it. 

Best app for productivity - google assist


Just Press Record 

Just Press Record is a revolutionary voice recording app that allows you to convert recordings into text. Perfect for those meetings where you want to be present but also make sure you're noting every single piece of information down, now you no longer need to worry! 

Converted texts are both editable and searchable which is a great function for if you need to send out key highlights from your meetings to other team members that were not present, plus it saves so much time on having to type up your notes. 

best apps for productivity - just press record



Spend smarter, save more and generally just be more on top of your finances with the Mint app. A game-changing app which allows you to connect all of your accounts in one place. From current accounts to credit cards, you'll no longer need to go jumping from one banking app to another.

One of Mints many great functions is that it tracks bills for you. Not only will it notify you when a bill is due but it'll also tell you if there has been a price increase or if there are any additional fees attached to the bill. The budgeting function is also super useful. All you need to do is say how much you're willing to spend each month and then the app will do the rest for you by managing your numbers, notifying you before you overspend and give handy recommendations on how you could cut back on spending in certain areas. 

best productivity apps - Mint



The must-have app for mindfulness. Now you might be thinking that there's no way you have time for meditation in your hectic teaching schedule, but what about if we told you it's only 3 minutes that you need? With the Headspace app you have access to hundreds of guided meditations from managing stress to dealing with anxiety and getting a better nights sleep. 

In just a matter of minutes using the Headspace app daily can have such a positive impact on your daily life and wellbeing. 

best productivity apps - Headspace

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