World Earth Day is an annual day with the purpose to raise discussions across the globe about our planet, how we impact it and what we can do to protect it. Pupils are the future so it's important that they are taught about being responsible with looking after planet earth. In this blog post we look at some ideas that you can bring into your primary classroom on April 22nd to celebrate World Earth Day. 


1. Organise an Earth Day scavenger hunt 

Round up your children and head outside for a nature inspired scavenger hunt! Get them to take a notepad and pencil so they can draw their findings such as plants or insects. You could even hand out a few magnifying glasses so they can get a really good look at what they discover. When you head back into the classroom you could task them with creating a 'be kind to our planet' poster or writing a short story about what they discovered out in the playground. 


Primary school insect scavenger hunt


2. Make birdseed ornaments 

These are so fun and easy to make. A great snack for the birds plus the children love to sit at the classroom window and watch all of their fury friends pay a visit. There are lots of easy recipes that can be found online plus you'll likely have most of the things that you need around the house! 


bird seed ornaments


3. Get crafty with plastic bottles 

Let the children get creative and give a plastic bottle a new lease of life. Some ideas of what they can make: 

- plant holder 

- pencil pot 

- bird feeder 

Once they've made their creation ask them to share with the rest of the class what they've made and how they did it. 


Plastic bottle crafts


4. Make an earth day pledge display board 

This is a great way to get pupils thinking about the things they do in every day life that could be changed in order to help the planet. Print an a4 sheet out with the words ' I (name) pledge to.....' for each student and let them fill in the blank. They can then decorate their pledge to create a poster which can all be placed on a display board to be a constant reminder and also inspire other children of the different pledges.


Pledge classroom display board

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