Before the age of 18, 45% of young people have experienced some form of bullying. Anti-Bullying Week runs from 15th - 19th November across the U.K and is a great opportunity to get your school talking about the topic in depth. It's important to help your pupils understand what bullying is, why it's wrong and how to identify bullying. It's also beneficial not to educate pupils on 'bullying stereotypes' but to make them aware that bullying can happen in many different forms.  


We've pulled together a selection of websites where you can download useful and helpful resources for your school this Anti-Bullying Week. 


Anti-Bullying Alliance 

ABA are the official organisers of Anti-bullying week. From assembly plans to cross-curricular activities, they have heaps of useful resources for both primary and secondary schools available to download here.


NSPCC Learning

The NSPCC offer a range of useful resources including a 'Think B4 You Type' toolkit where students can develop and lead their own anti-bullying campaign. They also have a handy anti-bullying policy that you can download and tailor to your own schools needs. Available to download here



The BBC have a great selection of online video content. For primary pupils they have a series of short films titled 'Same But Different' which features children with different disabilities, learning differences and medical conditions, aimed to encourage inclusion both at school and in the wider world. For secondary pupils there's a short film which explores cyber bullying and includes real life case studies. View the full selection of video content here.



Twinkl has some of the best teacher resources out there. They have lots of online activity packs for all of the different primary school ages that are visually exciting and engaging. From mindfulness colouring sheets to a bullying scenario questions activity booklet, check out the full range of resources here.

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