The days are getting longer and Easter half term is just around the corner. April is a busy month with lots to celebrate and topics to discuss. Here's some key dates to help with your lesson planning and activities for your pupils. 

Stress Awareness Month 

There can be many stressful situations that come with growing up and school life. Peer-pressure, family life, exams and the impact of social media are just a few examples of what young people may find stressful in today's society. Raising awareness has never been so important so use this opportunity to discuss with your class the various things that may make someone stressed along with how to deal with stressful scenarios.

National Pet Month 

There's lots of fun activities that can be organised in celebration of National Pet Month, especially for younger pupils. You could ask them to take a selfie with their pet and then they can each talk to the rest of the class about the pet and what's involved with taking care of it. You could even see if some parents are willing to bring their pet in to pay the children a visit!

World Autism Day - 2nd April

Awareness, accepting and understanding is the purpose behind World Autism Day. Educating people from a young age about what it means to have Autism and how it can impact the life of others is really important for them to have this understanding as they go through their school years and meet different individuals along the way. 

Ramadan - Starting 2nd April

Muslim families around the world have many special traditions and activities during the holy month of Ramadan. Regardless of whether you have pupils in your classroom who celebrate Ramadan or not, it's beneficial for them to learn about what it means and the ways in which it is celebrated by many. 

Easter Sunday - 17th April 

Yes, our instant thought is long weekend with lots of chocolate. It's easy to forget about the actual story of Easter and how it's an essential part of the bible and Christianity as a whole. Therefore, it's important to reiterate to pupils that it's not all just about the Easter bunny. Having said that, there's lots of fun craft activities to be had over the Easter period including the classic Easter bonnet contest and Easter egg hunts!

Earth Day - 22nd April 

Earth day is more important than ever. Aimed to increase awareness surrounding the environmental challenges that planet earth is faced with and what we can do as a society to change the way we live. From plastic pollution to global warming, there are endless topics to be covered in depth no matter the age group. It's vital that these topics aren't just discussed on this particular day either, but on a regular basis in the classroom.  

National Shakespeare Day - 23rd April 

A day to celebrate the literary genius, William Shakespeare, who was both born and died on April 23rd. The day is a great opportunity to revisit some of his most famous plays and even challenge the class to do some reenactments.  

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