We're dedicating March's book club edition to International Women's Day. Discover our favourite reads for your classroom that are all about female empowerment, gender equality and challenging todays society... 

For primary school classrooms

Amethyst education book club - little leaders: visionary women around the world

Little Leaders: Visionary Women Around The World 

By Vashti Harrison

Featuring 40 true stories of female creators from around the world including artists, scientists, inventors and many more. 'Little Leaders: Visionary Women Around The World' is beautifully illustrated from cover to cover and a truly inspiring collection of accounts for younger girls.  


Counting on Katherine. Amethyst Education Book Club. Uk Teaching Jobs.

Counting on Katherine

By Helaine Becker 

You've probably heard about the historic Apollo 13 moon landing, but it's less likely that you would have heard about the female mathematic genius behind its safe return to home. 'Counting on Katherine' is the story of Katherine Johnson and how her love for Math and the universe since a young age lead her to become an inspirational female figure who made history.


Amethyst Education Book Club. International womens day kids book

Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World

By Kate Pankhurst

A book that allows your students to discover some of the truly inspirational Women who have made a big impact on the world and our society. Written by Kate Pankhurst who herself is a descendant of pioneering suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst.  


For secondary school classrooms 

Amethyst Education Book Club - Becoming by Michelle Obama  

Becoming (adapted for younger readers) 

By Michelle Obama 

Just when you think you couldn't love Michelle Obama any more she goes and releases a new edition of her bestselling 'Becoming' memoir. The new edition has been adapted to make it an easier and enjoyable read for younger readers and is recommended for children from 10 years onwards. 


Amethyst Education Book Club - UK teaching jobs

Girls Resist! A Guide To Activism, Leadership and Starting A Revolution 

By KaeLyn Rich

It's time to take on the world with this read for your female teenage students! A useful handbook that discusses activism, resistance and social-injustice from veteran feminist KaeLyn Rich who shares her experiences that are guaranteed to inspire and empower younger readers.


Amethyst Education - Book Club. UK Teaching Jobs

Invisible Women

By Caroline Criado Perez 

Described as a 'game-changer' by The Times. Invisible Women is all about how the world we live in is largely built for men and exposes the gender data gap through a series of case studies, research and stories from across the globe. A must-have read for older pupils.