As of September 2021 all ECTs statutory induction period has changed from 1 year to 2 years, along with the introduction of a new Early Career Framework. While there’s been many mixed opinions on the topic, here at Amethyst we want to highlight the positive impact that this will have on ECTs at the most crucial point in their teaching careers. 


Additional year means additional support 

Extending the induction period an introducing the new framework means more coaching, mentoring and support at the time that you need it most. We know the thought of an additional induction year feels like a long time, but see it as extra time to receive support and guidance from your mentors and school. The whole purpose of the induction period is to ensure that you receive the best possible start to your teaching career after all.  


Positive impact for your wellbeing and mental health 

We know that it can be extremely daunting starting out in your teaching career. Your first year as an ECT will fly past and before you know it your induction period is over. Having an additional year will help take the pressure off slightly and ensure a positive impact on your mental health outside of school life too. Also with the new framework, the 10% timetable reduction stays in the first year and is then reduced to 5% in the second year which gives you vital breathing space in these first years of teaching. 


Evidence that better support in early years on teaching is required  

It was recently revealed in a briefing paper for the House of Commons library that “22 per cent of newly qualified entrants to the sector in 2015 were not recorded as working in the state sector two years later”. This is evidence that better support is required to ensure that ECT’s stay working in the sector long term and progress within their careers. 


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