Children's Book Week reading recommendations

Rumor Has It by Julia Cook

Rumor has it by Julia Cook

Topic: Spreading Rumours 

A story by award winner author, Julia Cook, 'Rumor has it' highlights the damaging effects of spreading playground rumours about our peers. The story is cleverly told through the eyes of the rumour marble who shows how one simple misunderstanding can spiral out all control and into something that can't be undone.

The book is written in a way that balances the seriousness of the topic while remaining funny and entertaining to keep the children engaged all the way through to the end.  


Punctuation Takes A Vacation by Robin Pulver

Punctuation take a vacation by Robin Pulver

Topic: Punctuation 

If you feel like you're constantly reminding your pupils about using punctuation then this book by Robin Pulver is a must-read. 'Punctuation Takes A Vacation' takes a wacky and entertaining approach to teaching children about the various punctuation marks and what happens when they are not used (or in this case when they disappear off on holiday!) 


Our Class Is A Family by Shannon Olsen

Our Class Is A Family by Shannon Olsen 

Topic: Community 

This heartfelt story by Shannon Olsen is all about how teachers create a classroom community. The classroom isn't just for learning, it's about having a space where all children can be themselves, be safe and be included. From start to finish the book is filled with whimsical illustrations by Sandie Sonke. We recommend that this book is read aloud to the whole class for full impact!


The Lonely Polar Bear by Khoa Le

The Lonely Polar Bear boo

Topic: Global Warming

A gentle introduction to younger children about global warming. The story is set in the Artic where after a furious storm a young polar bear cannot find his Mum. He meets a mysterious girl along with other animal companion on their Artic adventure.  

The Lonely Polar Bear offers an accessible way to introduce pupils to the climate change issues with its moving story and characters.


The Calm Book by Alex Allan

The Calm Book by Alex Allan

Topic: Understanding Feelings

The Calm Book is the sequel to The Happy Book by Alex Allan. A fantastic way for your pupils to learn about how to be mindful and stay calm in different scenarios, this book also features fun craft activities such as making your own 'calm down glitter jar'. 

The Calm Book has the most eye catching illustrations by Anne Wilson throughout and has also been developed with child psychotherapist, Sarah Davis.