Making a difference 

One of the biggest reasons that we hear from our candidates as to why they want to get into teaching is because they want to make a difference to the lives of children and young people. It goes without saying that teaching is an extremely rewarding career. You aren't just making a difference to one child's life either, you're making a difference to many.

As a teacher you will play a huge part in your pupils lives and everything that you do within your classroom will have some kind of influence on them. If you're looking to specialise in a subject, such as science, then it could be your passion for teaching the topic that makes them want to pursue a career within that area once they've left school.



No day is the same as a teacher and you definitely won't be spending all day sat at a desk. From lesson planning to school trips, teaching offers a varied day to day that most definitely won't leave you feeling bored in your job. 

If you decide to go into primary teaching then you'll be covering a vast range of subjects with your pupils which will give you lots of variety when it comes to planning your lessons. If it's secondary teaching with a specialist subject that you're thinking about then your variety will come with the different age groups that you'd be teaching. 


Transferable skills 

You will develop many different skills as a teacher that will be valuable to any other employer should you wish to have a change of career further down the line. Organisation, managing challenging situations, planning, communicating effectively just to name a few, are skills that you will naturally pick up in the day to day of being a teacher. Not forgetting being responsible for a group of 20+ students at one time will show that you have confidence and can manage people. 

There will be many jobs available to you should you wish to leave teaching. Related careers could include social or youth worker, councillor or child psychologist just to name a few. 


Learning on the job 

No matter how passionate you are about the subject you teach - you will never stop learning when you're a teacher. The curiosity of children will lead them to ask questions in the classroom that you might not have even thought about before. As much as you're teaching your pupils, they're teaching you too without even realising it. 

If you are truly passionate about a subject then becoming a teacher is one of the greatest ways to continue building your passion and learning on the job.  


Job Security

Teachers will always be needed which means it's a great career choice in terms of ensuring job security. With the more experience you gain there will be plenty of opportunities for career progression too, from becoming a head of year or department all the way through to becoming a head teacher.


Family life

It might not necessarily be a perk that you're thinking about right now but if you're thinking about having a family in the future then teaching could be the perfect career to fit around family life. You'll have similar holidays off including Christmas, Easter and Summer which not only means you'll have lots of quality time to spend with your family but you may not have to think as much about finding childcare along with the costs attached to it. 

 Ultimately, this shouldn't be the main point that makes you want to become a teacher but it's definitely an added bonus!