"Learn to take criticism quickly, get organised by using your planner everyday and make sure you have downtime. There has to be a point where you stop working because you could work all night. You’re no good to anyone if you are tired and not with it. Stick with it - it can be extremely overwhelming at first but things will soon start to settle".

- Declan, Geography Teacher.


"Enjoy your ECT year like your PGCE, take opportunities and talk to your mentors if you find that you're struggling. It's ok to lean on other ECTs too, remember you're all in this together and will be having similar experiences. Also remember when it's time to leave work!"

- Emma, Physical Education Teacher. 


"Don't be afraid to ask more experienced teachers for help. We were all new once. Some of us quite recently!  Don't be disheartened if you aren't great at every aspect of teaching to begin with either.

Make sure you know subject. There really is no escape from this. But be realistic in the time you spend enhancing your knowledge in specific curriculum areas during your training year."

- Alex, History & Citizenship Teacher.

ECT with group of primary school pupils


"Remember to have some downtime and take a break, you don't want to burn out. Ask as many question as possible, even if you think it might sound silly.  Make sure you're being proactive with your personal development and getting involved with your department."

- Kelsey, Design Technology Teacher.


"Take your time and start with the basics.  You need to learn to walk before you can run, you're not going to be perfect but it's important not to compare yourself to other teachers. Master your routines and classroom management. Remember that bad lessons will happen from time to time for every teacher too".

- Iwan, Design Technology Teacher.


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