Are you panicking that you haven't yet been able to secure an ECT job for September? Do you feel that all of your peers are getting offers from schools but you're not getting any? Don't panic. There is still plenty of time to secure your first teaching position. In this blog post we look at a few ideas for you to think about that could help you in your job seeking journey... 


Struggling to get interviews?  

First things first, to get job offers you need to be getting interviews in the diary. Whether you're applying directly to schools or via an agency, if you are struggling to secure interviews then it's time to go back to the beginning and revisit your personal statement and CV. 

Your personal statement and CV is a schools first opportunity to get to know a little more about you. Imagine yourself as the school reading through your documents for the first time and think about the below points: 

- Is everything clear and easy to read?  

- Is everything relevant? Remember schools will have numerous applications to read through before they select candidates for interviewing. If something isn't relevant then you should consider removing it.

- Do you stand out? Imagine your personal statement lined up next to 10 others. How are you going to jump off the page and stand out from the others?  


Attending interviews but not getting the job offers? 

It might be that you're having no problem securing interviews - you're just not getting job offers. Most schools will provide candidates with feedback, if unsuccessful in an interview, so make sure you take their feedback onboard and look at how you can improve for the next interview. 

It really helps to practice typical interview questions with a friend or family member. Give them a list of questions that schools are likely to ask you and get them to question you at random so you still feel slightly under pressure. Recording or filming your practice interviews is a really useful tip as it gives you the opportunity to listen back to the answers you have given and a chance to see how you present yourself in terms of body language and eye contact. 

It could even be that it's not the physical interview part that lets you down, but your lesson observation instead. Some common feedback we get from schools: 

- The lesson wasn't challenging enough for pupils 

- There wasn't enough interaction with pupils 

- The lesson wasn't clear and lacked direction

- Candidate didn't appear passionate or enthusiastic 


Is it time to widen your horizons? 

From experience we often find that candidates can struggle to secure interviews due to their own search criteria. If you are only looking at schools within a 5 mile radius from where you live then you're significantly reducing the opportunities that you are open to then if you were looking at a 10 mile radius. We find that those candidates who are more flexible with their criteria are more likely to secure interviews, resulting in job offers. You might widen your radius and end up with a job that's actually only an extra 10 minutes from where you were originally searching - which in our eyes is 100% worth it!


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