Here at Amethyst Education we read through numerous personal statements each and every day. Therefore, we have a pretty good idea on what works and what doesn't when it comes to securing a job interview. 

If you're applying for positions in different schools then it is vital that you tailor your personal statement for each application. Remember every school has different policies, procedures and values so it's important that you align with them. 

What should a teaching personal statement include?

- Previous teaching experience including placements (include the age groups and subject areas you taught). 

- Details of your degree which can include assignments, projects and dissertations. 

- Why you're applying for the role and why you want to work at this particular school. 

- Your knowledge of assessment practices and curriculum. 

- Your passion for education. 

Tips for writing your personal statement

Do your research. As mentioned at the start of this blog post your personal statement needs to be adapted appropriately for each school. Set aside some time to research their website and become familiar with their ethos and policies. Schools will be able to tell if your personal statement has been specifically tailored to their role. 

Don't waffle. Keep your points clear and concise - schools don't need your life story. Each sentence you write has to have value and purpose otherwise you should remove it. 

Length. We usually recommend to our candidates to ensure their personal statement is 1 to 1.5 pages long. Anything shorter than this might look like you have put much thought and effort into it. If you have a personal statement longer than this then we recommend trimming it down - it's about quality over quantity.

If you need further guidance with your personal statement writing and job search then register your details with us today. You will be assigned a dedicated, friendly consultant who will assist you with every aspect of your job search.