Book Creator

An app that primary school students will love. Book Creator allows pupils to create and publish their very own digital books on the classroom iPad. From adding text, photos, videos, music and much more, Book Creator is an innovative and creative app for your classroom.  

The app is a great way to test pupils knowledge on a topic that you've just covered by asking them to create a factual book on the subject. It can also be used as a way to exercise their imaginations and explore their creative writing skills by tasking them with creating a story book. You could even try a 'one page a day' task where each day a different pupil will have a turn at creating a page which must continue on from the previous pages!

Download Book Creator here 

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Spiral consists of 5 different activities which are aimed at secondary school students. These activities include Quickfire Lite which allows teachers to ask a question to the class and students can answer via the app on their smart device. Not all students have the confidence to raise their hand to answer questions in front of their peers so this is a great way to get everyone involved and also helps teacher to identify pupils that may be struggling in certain areas. 

There's also Clip which is a video activity. Simply paste any video URL from YouTube into the platform to play to the class. You can pause the video at any point and add a question where pupils will be able to type their answers. This ensures pupils are fully focus on the information in the video as you can pause at any time to ask a question. You could even take it up a level and turn it into a competition where the first student to answer wins that round! 

Discover more about Spiral here 

DiaryZapp for Schools 

DiaryZapp is a daily digital diary app for 5-11 year olds that helps students to develop positive mental health and wellbeing habits. This eye-catching app allows children to reflect on their day and allows them to express their thoughts and feelings in a safe space. Pupils can use the emoji function to express how they've been feeling that day if they are struggling to put their feelings into words. Teachers can log into their separate portal area of the app to view all of the individual diary entries and can also send a 'family invite' so that parents can view too.

Download DiaryZapp for Schools here


Kahoot is one of the best learning apps for students who enjoy learning through quizzes. It's an extremely useful app to have available in your classroom to quiz students at the end of the lesson or even a way to get their brains into action right at the start. Not only does Kahoot allow you to create your own quizzes but it also has thousands of ready-to-play quizzes which are helpful for when you find yourself short on time. 

Why not dedicate an entire lesson to Kahoot by allowing pupils to create their own quizzes in the first part of the lesson and then becoming the quiz masters in the second part - a great lesson idea for a Friday afternoon to finish the week! 

Download Kahoot here