First of all you need to think about location for the ideal school that you'd like to work in. Do you want to try and stay as local as possible to home or would you be willing to relocate for the dream teaching job? It's also important to consider what your commute might be like.

If you can drive then have a good think about how long you are willing to commute each day and what traffic could be like particularly in rush hour (remember you can't be running late when you have a class of 20+ students waiting on you.) You'll also want to check that the school has it's own parking too. If you aren't a driver then you'll need to research what public transport is available in the area and factor in various things such as having to walk to a station or having to change trains during your journey. 

Remember the wider the area that you're willing to look, the more choice you will have, but you also don't want to be commuting for hours on end 5 days a week.

Type of school

Next you need to think about what type of school you want to teach in. You might want to work in an independent school instead of a state school or it might be that you want to be a teacher at a faith school. It's important to to think about the type of school you want as this will dictate the type of ethos and atmosphere within the school. 


Being an ECT can be extremely daunting in the beginning therefore you need to know what support will be available to you. As an ECT you will be provided with a mentor who you will meet with regularly to discuss your progress as well as anything that you're struggling with or concerns that you're facing. It is so important to make the most of having a mentor, they are there for a reason and that is to help guide you, so make sure you make the most of their experience and knowledge!  

As well as having a mentor, do some research into the department that you'd be in to get an idea on who your close colleagues would be as they will also be the ones to help support and give you advice. 

Do your research

Never skip doing your background research on a school. Set aside some time to look at their website and have a read though things like their policies, Ofsted reports and newsletters to get a really good feel for the type of school it is. Can you imagine yourself teaching there?

If you apply for a role then think about how the school communicates with you throughout the application, and potential interview process. Do they seem organised in their processes or do you find that you're the one chasing for updates? How they communicate with you can say a lot about the school as a whole.

Ready to find the right school for you? 

Hopefully now you'll have a better idea on the type of school that you want to teach in, and we're here to help you find it! Register your interest today and one of our specialists will be in touch for a chat.