With the Queen's Platinum Jubilee just around the corner we thought it would be useful to put together a list of activity ideas that you can bring to your classroom depending on the age group of your students...

For KS1 Students 

  • Give your pupils a simple overview of what the Queen's Platinum Jubilee is and recap of the Royal Family.
  • Design flags and bunting which can be hung around your classroom. Why not get the whole school involved and your head can visit each class to judge a winning classroom. 
  • Ask your pupils to draw a picture of Buckingham Palace celebrating the Jubilee.
  • Decorate a paper crown and create a display with them 
  • Make a card to send to the Queen

For KS2 Students 

  • Write a poem about the Queen's Platinum Jubilee 
  • Design a newspaper front cover which celebrates the Jubilee 
  • Write a report on a key event that has happened during the Queen's reign 
  • Draw the Royal Family tree
  • Design a new 50p coin which celebrates the Jubilee 

For KS3 Students

  • Write a local newspaper report about your towns Platinum Jubilee weekend celebrations 
  • Create a timeline of all the key events that have happened during the Queen's reign  
  • Watch clips from the Queen's coronation - write down what you notice 
  • Design a Jubilee street party poster 

For KS4 Students

  • Write a diary entry from the Queen on the eve of her Platinum Jubilee - what would she be thinking? How might she be feeling? 
  • Recreate and record a radio broadcast from the Queen's coronation
  • Write a report on a key even that has happened during the Queen's reign 

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