See Me After Class: Advice For Teachers By Teachers

By Roxanna Elden  

We all know that teaching isn't easy. This books helps teachers to survive the day-to-day challenges that they're faced with in the classroom and ultimately is about turning a good teacher into a great teacher. Filled with hundreds of funny, and sometimes shocking, stories from real teachers about their classroom experiences, this book will remind you that you're not alone in the challenging world of teaching. 

As an ex-teacher herself, Roxanna Elden, shares the honest and practical advice that might not necessarily be covered in your official new teacher training - described by one reader as "no-nonsense straight talk". If you're an ECT then we would definitely recommend adding this one to your reading list to help give you a much needed helping hand in your first year of teaching.  


Put A Wet Paper Towel On It: The Weird and Wonderful World Of Primary Schools

By Lee and Adam Parkinson

Put a wet paper towel on it: the weird and wonderful world of primary schools

If you're a primary school teacher then you'll know all about the weird and wonderful happenings when it comes to teaching young children! 'Put A Wet Paper Towel On It' comes from the hosts of the UK top educational podcast Two Mr P's in a Pod(Cast) and is a heartwarming and hilarious look at primary school life. The book also explores the challenges and pressures that primary school teachers face on a daily basis when it comes to managing chaos in the classroom.

Overall 'Put A Wet Paper Towel On It' is a lighthearted and relatable read that is perfect to get stuck into on those school days that have been slightly stressful!


Minor Dramas & Other Catastrophe's 

By Kathleen West 

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If you're looking for an escape and prefer a non-fiction read then we recommend 'Minor Dramas & Other Catastrophes' by Kathleen West. Set in Listen Heights High, a school for the privileged, the book focuses on two main characters. Isobel is a teacher who has spent most of her teaching career at the school and who effortlessly bonds with her pupils. Julia is a pushy parent who can't help but interfere with her children's lives and even goes to the length of sneaking into the school at night to find out if her son has landed a main role in the school play.

Things start to go wrong for both characters when one receives a threatening voicemail and the other goes viral on social media for all the wrong reasons. The series of events brings both Isobel and Julia together as they fight back to save their reputations.

We hope you've enjoyed the first edition of the Amethyst Education Book Club - check back next month for more teacher reading recommendations!