We can't be the only ones wondering how it's May already? With just a few more months left of the school year here's some key dates for your classroom calendar.

National Walking Month

The perfect opportunity to get those daily steps in and fresh air while you're at it. National Walking Month gives you the chance to reiterate the benefits of walking to your pupils including great exercise, good for your mental wellbeing and bette for the planet than driving. 

National Gardening Week: 2nd - 8th May

Another great excuse to venture outside of your classroom for a spot of gardening around the school grounds. Small groups of students can work together to tidy up a designated area and getting planting some new flowers and plants.

Children's Book Week: 2nd - 8th May

?There are endless activities you can do in your classroom to celebrate Children's Book Week. You could organise a school book swap where all students bring a book from home that they no longer want to swap with each other.

Deaf Awareness Week: 2nd - 8th May 

Deaf Awareness Week gives schools the opportunity to challenge perceptions of hearing loss and deafness within the classroom. Why not plan a lesson around sign language?

Mental Health Awareness Week: 10th - 15th May

It goes without saying that talking about mental health in schools is always an important topic. Use this week to really highlight what mental health is, how we can look after it and what to do if we feel we need advice or help.

Water Saving Week: 17th - 20th May

Topics that affect our environment are becoming more frequent discussions within the classroom. For Water Saving Week think about how you can talk to your pupils about the various ways in everyday life where we could save water.

Dementia Action Week: 17th - 22nd May

Dementia can be a close to home subject for many pupils where as others may not know much about it. Dementia Action Week is a great opportunity to discuss the illness in depth and explore the action that can be taken to help support those with Dementia. 

World Meditation Day: 21st May

Meditation has become increasingly popular over the past few years due to its endless benefits to maintaining a healthy body and mind. Mix up your P.E lesson on the 21st and introduce your students to the world of Meditation!

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