It is okay to say no 

Ever feel like you're conditioned to say YES to every single event that you get invited too? Or maybe you feel like you can't say no to something unless you have a valid excuse? Well, it's time to stop saying yes to things that you simply don't want to do or events that you don't want to attend. Christmas is a time to slow down and switch off for a lot of people, especially teachers! If you're faced with a jam-packed social calendar that simply exhausts you just thinking about it then it's quite unlikely that you'll be going back to school in January feeling refreshed. It'll be more likely that you feel like you already need another break. 

Remember, you spend all term being responsible for 20+ children, often putting them before yourself. Don't feel like you're being selfish with your own time and the things you want to do (or not do) this Christmas break.

Make time for the little things

We often put aside the little things that we'd like to do because we don't feel like they're a priority. It's time to make reading a book, going for a nice long Winter walk or binging your favourite guilty pleasure on Netflix a priority, not only this Christmas but going into the new year too. As teachers you're used to being productive, from planning lessons to marking work, and for that reason it can be a little harder to make time for things like this. But doing these things are actually productive in a way that they help you to recharge your batteries so that when you do return to school in new year you're feeling more productive and refreshed than ever. 

Have a digital detox

Are you guilty of picking up your phone to do one quick thing and then next thing you know you've been scrolling Instagram for almost an hour? Or maybe you don't believe it at the end of the day when you check your screen time and it says 3 hours. Yep, we've all been there. But how often do we actually come away from our phone feeling good after scrolling social media for hours on end? This Christmas break have a digital detox. This doesn't mean that you have to have no screen time whatsoever for the entire holiday, but here's a few ideas if you want to reduce the time you spend on it:

- Turn off notifications 

- Limit yourself to 30 minutes a day

- Leave your phone in a different room (out of sight means out of mind!)

- Have a clear out of the accounts you follow to reduce the amount of content you're consuming 

Do something new

Christmas break is the perfect opportunity to try out that new hobby or activity you've been wanting to do for what feels like forever. It's also scientifically proven that doing something new exercises the brain which has many positive benefits including improving your memory, problem solving, enhanced ability to pay attention and general concentration, meaning there is actually productivity in try out something new! 

You could even make it into a social event with friends or family, that way you get to tick two things off your Christmas holiday to do list.