Hooray! You've made it to the Easter break. Whether you've breezed through this term or struggled slightly, one thing for sure is that Covid is still having its impact on the classroom. Causing staff shortages, absent pupils and added pressure onto the already demanding workload of our teachers. So this Easter break it's time to put the marking to one side and priorities yourself.

The Summer term marks the final stretch of the school year - and it's always a busy one. Whether you're a primary or secondary teacher there's exams, reports, sports days, Summer fairs (the list goes on) to contend with. So make it your number one priority this half term to make time for you so that you head into next term feeling refreshed and energised like never before! Here's a few ideas on how you can kick back and relax... 

Take a trip to the seaside 

What is it about the sea air that feels so refreshing? You honestly can't beat a day at the beach so, close that laptop, log out of social media, pack a picnic basket and take that road trip. Invite friends and family along for the fun or if you'd rather the day to yourself then do it solo (just don't forget a good book to get stuck into!) 

Go for a bike ride 

The sun is finally starting to make an appearance so why wouldn't you want to make the most of being outdoors surrounded by nature. Not to mention getting that all important exercise in which we guarantee will make you feel SO good after. Plan a cycle route with a pit stop along the way so you can take a break for a spot of lunch. 

Pamper time 

You just can't beat a good home pamper session or why not book in for a spa day with a friend? Treat yourself to a facial or a relaxing massage and you'll be feeling totally zen in no time. 

Try something new

Ever seen something on a TV programme and thought you'd like to give that a go? Well now is your chance. Maybe you've always liked the idea of taking a cooking lesson or attending a life drawing session. Think outside of the box this half term and try something new - you never know you could find yourself a new hobby. 

Have a clear out and get organised

It might seem like a lot of effort at the time but we always feel so much better after having a good sort out at home. Start by organising your wardrobe and taking any clothes you no longer wear to the charity shop so someone else can enjoy wearing them. You could even make the most of the sunshine and give your garden some TLC so it's Summer holiday ready! 

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