Never underestimate the power of plenty of preparation before your ECT interview. We can assure you that the more time you spend preparing the more mentally prepared and confident you will naturally feel on the day of your interview. Do not leave it until the day before to prepare, it will easily show to the interviewers if you have left it to the last minute. 

There are many different ways you can prepare too. From practising mock interview scenarios with a family member to making notes about the school and the position that you have applied for. You might have a friend or know someone from your course who has already had their first ECT interview so have a chat with them to see if they have any useful tips or advice for you.

Make sure you find out as much information as possible about the structure of the interview, including who will be doing the interviewing. A lot of the time you will be asked to prepare a lesson so that they can see you in action in the classroom and how you engage with students. 

The night before your interview make sure you get a good nights sleep and have everything you need ready to go for the next day including having your clothes and bag ready. Also don't forget to double check if the school has asked you to bring along any documentation, such as certificates or a portfolio of work.

Attendance, appearance & attitude

It goes without saying to give yourself more than enough time the morning of your interview. Make sure you allow plenty of time to get ready and pay attention to your appearance making sure that you are dressed smart and well presented. 

Take into consideration traffic on the roads or delays on public transport. Aim to arrive at the school about 15 minutes before your interview is due to start, being even 1 minute late won't give the best first impression to your interviewers. 

Be sure to make plenty of eye contact with your interviewers. Experts say that 70% of communication is non-verbal so be aware of your body language. Make sure you don't have folded arms and try not to fidget too much.

Remember to smile! Show that you are enthusiastic about teaching and passionate about your subject, if you can't convince your interviewers then it's quite unlikely that you'd be able to convince a class full of students. 

Ending your interview

At the end of the interview you'll be asked if you have any questions. It's vital that you do not stay silent at this point. Make sure you have a number of questions prepared so that you can then make a judgment on which one(s) you feel is best to ask. Make sure you're not asking something that can easily be found on the website either. 

Before you leave make sure you thank the interviewers for their time and how great it was to meet them. Keep that eye contact right until the very end.

We hope this blog post has give you some useful tips and advice for your upcoming ECT interviews. Don't forget if you are looking for support our experts are on hand to help find your first teaching position - get in touch with us today here.