School is officially out for Summer and the sun is most definitely shining here in the U.K. While the school holidays are an exciting time for the children and generally a more relaxing time for teachers (particular those who have to juggle work with their own families), the Summer break can sometimes be a little on the stressful side for parents. 

Thinking of different ways to keep the kids entertained for a whole 6 weeks is by far an easy task - particularly when you're trying to keep them entertained without spending a small fortune. Here's a few ways you can keep them occupied this Summer without breaking the bank... 


- Make a picnic and head to your local park. Because who wants to be stuck indoors in this glorious weather anyway?! You can't go wrong with a day out in the sunshine especially when the only thing you'll need to pay for is the contents of your picnic basket. Why not invite some friends too, that way the kids will have someone to play with while you can have a good catch up. 


- Camp out in the garden. Because you don't need to be on an actual campsite to go camping. Get the tent out of the garage and set it up in the garden for a fun outdoor sleepover. This kids will find it so exciting sleeping somewhere different to their bed plus you won't need to pay any pitch fees! Don't forget to get your snack stash ready for a midnight feast too. 


- Visit a National Trust park. A lot of the time these are free to get into and there are many that offer free activities for children too such as downloadable nature trail walks to take with you.


- Plan a treasure hunt around the house and garden. Create a map and hide clues in different places which eventually lead them to a prize. Not only a fun activity but it also gets their brains and imaginations working too. 


- Invite a school friend over for a playdate. Let's face it, half the time they get bored at home because they haven't got anyone else to play with. Ask who they'd like to invite over for a day of playing in the garden and they'll soon forget what it's like to be bored! 

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