No matter your profession or experience - job interviews can be a daunting experience. But here at Amethyst Education we're firm believers that confidence is the key to a successful interview. In this blog post we discuss how you can bring confidence to your interview...


We’ve said it before in past blog posts but one of the main ways to feel confident heading into your interview is practice, practice & practice. One way to do this is by researching the types of questions that you are likely to be asked and rehearsing your answers out loud. It’ll also benefit you to practice handshaking and eye contact with a friend or family member. In a report by Undercover Recruiter an astonishing 67% of executives reported rejecting a candidate because they lacked eye contact. These may sound like small details to practice but they are so important when making the best possible impression on your interviewer.  

Positive mindset

Mindset is everything and holds a lot of power when it comes to feeling confident. It’s natural to have worries and feelings of nervousness but try your best not to focus on these and instead fill your head with positive thoughts. Tell yourself that you deserve to be there in that interview room, even better that you deserve this teaching job! Start to vision yourself standing in that classroom teaching your pupils and being great at your job. All you need to do is believe that you can do it and you’re halfway there.  

Identify your strengths

Sit down with someone who knows you well and discuss your strengths. It helps to have someone who knows you with this because a lot of the time we aren’t necessarily aware of what our strengths are. Not only is it very likely that your interviewer(s) will ask about them but being aware of your own strengths will naturally help you feel more confident.  

Use breathing techniques 

We’ve all experienced different scenarios where we’ve been nervous and our breathing starts to change, especially when waiting for a job interview. There are various breathing techniques that you can practice to help calm your pre-interview nerves, one of the most simple and effective being deep breathing. Because you’ll be arriving at your interview at least 10 minutes early you’ll have time to do some deep breathing exercises while you wait. Once inside the interview if you start to feel the nerves creeping back up again just remember to take a big deep breath before you answer, this will help ensure that you don’t talk too quickly either.  

Calm your fidgeting 

Sometimes we don’t even realize that we fidget but your interviewer(s) most definitely will. To avoid fidgeting in your interview when answering questions try using intentional hand gestures while speaking. Not only will this help prevent you from fidgeting but you’ll also come across as engaging and confident too. When listening to your interviewer(s) try clasping your hands together and placing them on the desk or your lap to resist the urge to fidget.  

Dress the part  

It goes without saying that you should be well-presented when attending any formal interview but don’t forget to make sure that you feel your best too. We all know that when we really like an outfit  we feel good, and when we feel good about ourselves we have more confidence and this shows to others around.  

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