1. Declutter & Rearrange  

It might take a little effort but the benefits make it all the worth while. Decluttering and rearranging your classroom is a great way to give it a fresh feel ready for the start of term, not only for you but also for your students too. Mixing up your seating plan, clearing your desk and changing the display boards are just some of the ways to give your classroom a little new year revamp! 

2. Try not to take work home with you

As a teacher this one might sound almost impossible and in the past it might have been quite the norm for you to take work home with you in the evenings and weekends. 2022 is the year that you start to leave work at work! You're probably thinking that you simply don't have enough time during school hours to get through your endless workload. Getting to school 30 minutes earlier in the morning or staying 30 minutes later to get the work done is much better than taking it home with you. Plus by taking it home you're more likely to take longer to get it completed.

3. Mix up your teaching style / lesson plans

This will benefit both you and your students. Why not try a different teaching style for each day of the week, this could vary from independent working, small group work, debating as a class and so much more. By mixing up your teaching style you'll find that students look forward to coming to your lesson and therefore more engaged while in your classroom - ultimately making your job that bit easier!

4. Be adaptable to change

In an ideal world we'd love for 2022 to be a totally normal year for us all, but if the past couple of years have taught us anything it's to prepare for change and have the ability to adapt. Remember every sudden change that gets thrown your way and how you handle it will only make you a better teacher in the long run.